A Quality Improvement Study of Primary Healthcare (PHC) services in the MSF Penang Project

Principal investigator

Peter Grabitz
Purpose of study
Purpose of study

To identify and validate gaps and opportunities of PHC service quality improvement in Penang.

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Study timeline

  • Delivery update added by Peter Grabitz

    21st September 2022
    • Data collection: Completed
    • Data analysis: Completed
    • Data analysis: Progressing fine
    • Description:

      An "insights report" has been created for the Penang Quality Improvement Initiative.
      An Operational Report is forthcoming

  • Note left by Holly Baker

    10th August 2022  
  • Completion
    10th August 2022
  • Field dissemination added by Peter Grabitz

    25th June 2022

    Presentation at UNHCR Malaysia Primary Care Coordinatin meeting
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Concept paper added by Sree

    17th November 2021
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  • Concept
    8th November 2021
  • Study created

    8th November 2021


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